The Psychosocial Centre for Refugees “REFUGIO Thüringen” helps those who have had to flee their homes because of war, political persecution, violence (e.g. gender specific) or other traumatic experiences. Here in Germany, many of them are burdened with recollections of the sufferings and dangers in their homeland. Although the experiences lie well in the past, recurring memories continue to plague them.

This may seem to them as if they are going through the experiences all over again. Some may feel anger or anxiety in certain situations, increasing heartbeat, or might develop a headache or suffer other forms of physical pain. Many refugees who come to us have probably been to see several doctors to ease this pain, but medications do not always help. In addition, sleeplessness and nightmares might accumulate. All the above-described symptoms can be normal reactions to abnormal experiences.

The REFUGIO Thüringen team consists of psychologists, who offer psychotherapeutic counselling. In addition, social counsellors give help and support for any questions regarding residence status, rights of residence, housing, dealings with the social services or the foreign office, illness, work, children and education.  Medical advice by a doctor, body therapy and art therapy for children is also available at REFUGIO.

REFUGIO Thüringen offers you a confidential atmosphere, where you can talk about your current troubles and psychological experiences. We have time to listen to you and your problems and are sensitive to your situation.  Together, we can find a way to cope with your difficulties.

Please note that a meeting is only possible by appointment. Our staff will contact you as soon as there is vacancy. Unfortunately, you may have to wait several months for an appointment due to the high demand for therapy and social counselling at the moment. We ask for your understanding. Please tell us if your contact information changes or your condition of health worsens. Treatment and counselling at REFUGIO are for free, travel expenses are paid for. Our meetings are accompanied by translators. You can find the registration form here. (Please try to fill in the information in German.)


Address Jena

Lassallestraße 8
07743 Jena

phone: (03641) 22 62 81
fax:  (03641) 23 81 98


Address Erfurt

Schillerstraße 44
99096 Erfurt

phone: (0361) 60 26 80 79
fax:  (0361) 74 42 95 66


All contact information of our staff can be found here.

If you want to give us feedback on our work or certain employees, please contact koordination@refugio-thueringen.de or call 03641/ 226281.

Your information will be treated as confidential.